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Family Activities

At Fertile Ground Gathering, we are not just family friendly, we actively plan activities for families because we want everyone to have a wonderful time!  In addition to several All Ages workshops we have scheduled throughout the weekend, we have several family activities planned.


Below are the family activities we had planned for the 2023 Gathering. Please check back soon for details about our 2024 family activities!

Parents, please note that the Family Craft Cabin is a space intended to be enjoyed by families together.  We do not offer child care services, so we ask that you remain with your child(ren) at all times.  

Nature Walk and Gods Eyes


On Friday morning, we'll make an oldie but goodie camp craft creating a protection for our home or room.  We’ll begin with a nature walk to find our sticks, and then using the 4 elements and spiral weaving, we will learn a bit about its history and have fun recreating this colorful craft.

Tam Evans.png

Tam Evans

Meet our family activities coordinator!

Tam has been a practicing Pagan since 2001. She founded and is High Priestess of Richmond Out Of The Broom Closet. She also founded  Richmond Volunteers in 2008. She has worked with soldiers at Fort Lee creating space they can have ritual. She also speaks to local college and rotary groups educating them about modern Paganism.

Tam has lived in Virginia for 22 years creating community and safe spaces for Pagans to gather and not feel alone. She has been a Friend to the FGG family for many years. Her main goal is create safe, loving places to gather and to educate.

Tam shines around children of all ages. Presently she is a Nanny and is looking forward to facilitating craft classes for FGG.

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