Family Activities

At Fertile Ground Gathering, we are not just family friendly, we actively plan activities for families because we want everyone to have a wonderful time!  In addition to several All Ages workshops we have scheduled throughout the weekend, we have several family activities planned for the 2019 Gathering as you will see below. 

Parents, please note that the Arts and Crafts Cabin is a space intended to be enjoyed by families together.  We do not offer child care services, so we ask that you remain with your child(ren) at all times.  

Exploring Colors with Kristina

Children coloring

Let’s explore colors and create art! We’ll talk about the colors we find around us, as well as what we’ve experienced before, to help inspire our creations. The first part of our time will be spent outside looking for inspiration. Then we’ll go back inside to create something from what we’ve just experienced. We’ll use simple supplies … crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paper. I’ll even have some glue if you want to include things you’ve found.