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Camping Supplies


  • Decorations for your cabin.

  • Sleeping bag or other bedding. The cabins have twin mattresses, but no sheets or blankets! Please, bring your own!

  • Ear plugs, if you are a light sleeper.

  • Flashlight or battery-operated lantern.

  • A battery-operated clock, especially if you rely on your cell phone for its timekeeping function. Cell coverage is minimal (by which we mean "essentially nonexistent") at the park, and if your phone is one of the ill-conceived ones that cannot tell time without a connection to the network, you'll be wanting an alternative means of telling time.

  • Extra batteries.

  • Extra socks and/or blankets.  Evenings in late April and early May sometimes still get pretty cool, and the cabins are not heated.

  • A hot water bottle (for keeping your toes warm!)


Personal Hygiene Items


  • Towels and a washcloth (including hand-towels).

  • Shampoo/conditioner.

  • Soap. (Some folks bring soap with essential oils like Tea Tree or Geranium because they help deter insects.)

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.

  • Deodorant.

  • Comb or brush.

  • Insect repellent.

  • Prescription medications (please keep them in their original, labeled containers).

  • If you are allergic to bee stings, and you have an epi-pen, please bring it, and let our safety staff know about it.


Mealtime Supplies


  • Reusable feast gear (plates, bowls, cups, utensils). We are asking people to bring these so that we do not have to purchase disposable materials. A wash station for washing and rinsing your gear will be available after meals. (You might also wish to bring a small towel to dry off your utensils after you wash them).




  • Sturdy walking shoes. This is an outdoor event; expect to be walking around quite a bit.

  • Rain Gear (poncho, umbrella, waterproof shoes). Unless the weather is dangerous, all activities will go on as scheduled!

  • Sun Gear (sunscreen, hats, sunglasses). Chuck Norris doesn't need to bring sunglasses, of course; he can just turn down the sun.

  • Clothing that is weather-appropriate. Please check the weather reports prior to packing, and then remember that meteorology is a less-exact science than Magic 8-Ball Divination, so pack for a wide range of possible temperatures, especially for bedtime.

  • Extra socks and shoes, because if you don't bring them, and it rains, and you have to walk around in squishy wet shoes, you'll wish you had.


Ritual, Workshop, and Communal Gathering Gear


  • A group or personal banner, if you have one, to hang from the beams in the Feast Hall.  ShadowGrove has one -- don't let it hang alone.

  • Ritual garb or clothing (Please, no knives, swords, or athames (non-metal symbolic athames are acceptable to bring)). And by "please" we mean, "weapons violations in a National Park can ruin everyone's afternoon, so please leave the sharp toys at home."

  • Drums, rattles, bells, or other musical instruments. If you bring a harpsichord, we'll be impressed.

  • Notebook and writing utensil(s), for writing down all the cool stuff you learn in the workshops.

  • A cushion, mat, or camp chair for use during workshops and other times. (The workshop cabins will have seating, but it's not particularly comfortable seating, because it's made of benches.)

  • Camera (please be sure to get permission from people before photographing them - not everyone wants their grandmother or employer to see them in ritual garb.  If you see anyone wearing a yellow wrist band, that is an indication that they do not wish to be photographed.)

What to Bring


For your convenience, you can now print your liability waiver(s) before heading to the park, and have them signed and ready to turn in when you arrive.  This will help speed up the check-in process upon your arrival, and will keep everything moving more smoothly.  

Please Note: We have found that not all mobile PDF viewing applications support the internal links used for navigation in the program. In particular, the Google Drive PDF viewer does not. We have confirmed that the PDF viewer from Adobe does work correctly, on both Android and iPhone platforms, so we highly recommend that you install this software on your device before you head to the park.

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