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At Fertile Ground Gathering, we host some amazing talent with performances each evening, and sometimes even during the cook-out lunch on Saturdays. 

Below is the 2024 performance line-up, and we're excited to have them all join us this year!


We are delighted to host such wonderful entertainment again this year, and look forward to sharing the experience with everyone!

Jenna Greene


Emmy-nominated musician Jenna Greene is a singer-songwriter and harpist, a weaver of musical myth and magic.  With a voice that is both ethereal and soulful, she sings of ancient lore, finding wonder and following dreams. 

She beautifully interlaces her Celtic and World Folk influences to create a presentation of haunting ballads, drum-driven dance tunes, lilting harp and mythic story. 


Jenna has released four solo albums, as well as two duo albums with Kellianna, and Robert McClung.  She was nominated for an Emmy for Best Music Composition for the mystical short film, The Woodland Alchemy. She is currently working on a project with her band titled Deeper Waters, which explores shadow work and the element of water. 


You can find Jenna performing in her native Boston area, throughout the East Coast, and beyond.  When not performing, she offers music therapies and ritual services to help people heal and empower their dreams.  Book through her website at:  

Visit her website!

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