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The rituals at Fertile Ground Gathering are designed to work as a thematic arc that spans the entire event from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon.  Each ritual builds upon the last, and creates a magical, and immersive ritual experience.  Combined with the workshops that follow the event theme, these rituals offer our guests the opportunity for an even more profound and spiritual journey than ever before. 

This year, we will be reaching deep within ourselves, to find and awaken our own strength and power, our own inner dragon, and embracing the transformation that each of us needs. We will shed the parts of ourselves that we have been clinging to because the world has told us that we should. In their place, we will kindle within us the things we know we must, so that we can fully embrace the reality of who we choose to be.

For details about each ritual, including when and where they're taking place,

check back soon!


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