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At Fertile Ground Gathering, we host a wide variety of workshops that are sure to inspire.  From beginner to advanced offerings, there is something for everyone!  Look for details in each listing to help you choose the workshops that are right for you.  With few exceptions, pre-registration is not required for our workshops, so you'll be welcome to decide each day which ones you'd like to attend.  

Below is the list of some of the workshops that we will be offering in 2020.  We'll keep adding listings as we receive details from this year's presenters.  As we get closer to the Gathering, we will  update the event schedule, and add the days and times for each workshop.  You will then be able to  find that information in each workshop listing below as well as on the individual day's schedules.

* Please note that most of these details are only visible on the full desktop version of our website.  

Right Action

The Way of Right Action

We as divine beings of free will have power, which means that we can affect change, and impose our will upon the world around us.  And because we can, we have a responsibility to first determine whether we should. In this workshop we will discuss various schools of thought with regard to ethical behavior, and spend time in introspection to each develop our own framework, our own way of right action. 

Schedule TBD
Image by Spencer Goggin
Shifting Vision

Shifting Vision:

Seeing the World Through Shamanic Shape Shifting

with Doug Jenkins

Schedule TBD
Shape Shifting.jpg

In this class we will discuss shape shifting and merging. The differences between each and how each serves a different purpose. Both allow you to see the world from an entirely different perspective. We will also discuss ways to allow you to use magical sight in viewing the mundane world. After initial discussion, we will journey to experience the teaching for yourself. I will be using drumming to facilitate the journeys so please feel free to bring nothing but yourself and what you need to lie or sit while you journey. This will be advanced work so please have experience with journeying or path working.

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

Introduction to Inclusive Heathenry

This workshop will explore the basics of modern Heathenry with a focus on building an inclusive Heathen community. We will cover history, Lore, Spiritual relationships, ritual style, and more all while being mindful of steering the practice to be inclusive and welcoming to all. Some conversation topics will include racism, traditional gender roles, Loki, Jotunn and other, sometimes divisive Heathen topics. Participants should be able to discuss these topics in a polite fashion.

Inclusive Heathenry.jpg
Schedule TBD
Ancesto Blot

Heathen Blot to the Ancestors

We all have ancestors. We would not be where we are without them. This ritual will allow us to honor our ancestors by speaking of their deeds and actions in community for all to witness. That which is remembered lives. Before the ritual there will be a talk through so everyone can participate without any prior experience in Heathen ritual. Alcohol will be involved, but drinking is not mandatory.

Schedule TBD
Ancestor Blot.jpg

How To Be A Functioning Empath

This course will be a mix of discussion and energy work. The result will be the gaining of some tools and techniques to help you function in this highly emotional world without totally walling off your empathic abilities.

Schedule TBD
Functioning Empath

Spirit Speaking

This class is geared towards those who are wanting to learn to communicate more directly with spirits. In it, we will discuss general types and locations of spirits, and practice skills for communicating and developing mutually healing relationships with them. Musically inclined students are encouraged to bring instruments of their choice as everyone will work to learn songs and dances from their new spirit companions. *It is highly recommended that those interested in this class pack clothing that is weather appropriate as it will be mostly outdoors. Your instructor is a rain or shine kind of shaman.

Schedule TBD

Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet

Spirit Speaking
Evil Eye

The Evil Eye

We'll be exploring the history of the Evil Eye in many cultures, from Rome to modern times, and the tradition that some could cause misfortune by glance, "overlooking", or "the Evil Eye". Sometimes Intentional, sometimes not, there were charms and talismans to protect against this hexing, or cursing, and the mechanisms by which it works. Learn how to counter it.

Schedule TBD
Evil Eye.jpg


Truth and Divination

The word Divination comes from the Divine; in its highest form it's "messages from the gods" or omens. We want to create a "clear channel" for whatever information is available, to help, not let our logical brain or preconceptions twist the message so we don't get it. Most of us are good at fooling ourselves, and often clients come to readers because subconsciously they have resisted the truth. Whether reading for others or ourselves, how can we get around the distractions to find the truth we need?

Schedule TBD

7 Chakra Soundscapes

New Earth Activation

This is an informative, experiential and transformational workshop using the healing power of sound to activate the chakra system and access multi-dimensional consciousness. The workshop experience includes an informative talk focused on the shamanic art of sound as both a healing tool and a vehicle for manifesting higher frequencies of consciousness upon the earth plane. Attendees will experience a sonic energetic activation and re-balancing of the Chakra system and will be gently guided through the process of humming or toning through each Chakra (or energy center in the body). Each energy center will also include a brief guided meditation and sound experience. The final hour will include a full sound immersion journey with themes off of their newest album, the 7th Gate.

Discovering Chakras.jpg
Saturday - Time TBD

This workshop has a suggested donation amount of $20.  Donations go directly

to Woven Green. 

Weaving Vision

Weaving an Integrated Vision

Life stages and phases can leave us feeling disconnected from who we've been and struggling to envision who we might want to be. Hectic schedules and various demands on our time can leave us feeling like separate versions of ourselves, divided and even opposed. The meditative aspects of weaving a personal tapestry can help us reconnect to ourselves and (re)unite all our pieces. In this workshop, we'll work with colors, textures, and various techniques to represent what makes us who we are, and weave them into a small tapestry representing an integrated self. Finished pieces can be used as a focal point for further meditation or ritual. No weaving experience required, and all ages are welcome. A cardboard loom and tapestry needle will be given to each participant, and some yarns and fibers will be provided. Please bring any fabric, yarn, or other textiles/items you'd like to incorporate into your piece. I put a glowstick in a tapestry once... Feel free to weave weird!

This class has a $5 materials fee, and space is limited to 10 people.



With Rath

How we see the world around us can be full of wonder, truth, and phantasms. We as magickally active people have access to a deeper way of seeing. We will discuss what this really means for us as ethical beings, how we can use such sight for the benefit of ourselves and others, and practice techniques to enhance our inherently potential abilities. One can never unsee what one has seen.

Schedule TBD
Really Believe

Do You Really Believe That?

Unlocking Your Subconscious

What we believe defines out world, how we interact with it, and how we interpret what happens to us. Many of us hold beliefs that we did not choose, nor do we understand why we believe them. We will discuss how we acquire such beliefs, as well as share diverse magickal techniques to reset our vision of ourselves, and the world around us. This work may be emotionally challenging to some participants.

Schedule TBD
Do You Really Believe.jpg

Personality Archetypes:

You're more spatial than you realize

We speak of the seven archetypes of the self: the Stoic, who endures; the Speaker, who keeps the lore and tells the stories; the Shaman, who understands through exploring that which is not known...but how do these archetypes fit together within us? No one is only a Shaman, or a Mystic, or a Healer. In this class, we will move beyond the nature of the personality archetypes themselves, and into a discussion of how they are all inter-related, and what that means for our daily practice as we strive to find balance between our intrinsic nature, our aspirations, and the roles others have placed us in.

Personality Archetypes.jpg
Schedule TBD

Spiritual Hygiene and the Microritual

Our lives are made not of the big events, but the small decisions we make every day. Often, the things that are easy to do are also easy to neglect. In this class, we'll explore some of the obstacles we all come across while trying to live a life of meaning and spiritual intent. This workshop will include an academic portion, touching on aspects of psychology, NLP, excuses, interruptions, and procrastinations. It will also include a practical portion to help you create a magical life.

Spiritual Hygiene.jpg
Schedule TBD
Spiritul Hygiene

Vision in the Darkness

Working with the Shadow Goddesses

If you've met me, you might be wondering, "Why is bubbly, glitter-addicted, positive affirmation-spewing Jenna leading a presentation on shadow work?"


Well, that's a valid question!  It's also the answer.  I spent so many years focused on lightwork and affirmations that, when I came to a dark time in my life, I threw false positivity at it.  Traumatic events soon followed, and my own patterns kept me from breaking free.  


While at a ritual event, I encountered Badbh, who is an aspect of the Morrighan.  I describe my meeting with Her like this:  She held a blade to my throat, I woke up screaming, and it was the nicest thing any goddess has ever done for me.  (I'm speaking figuratively of course but, if you've met the Morrighan, you're probably nodding your head right now.)


This event began my shadow work, where I would be challenged by Kali, Hela, Hekate, and Frigga.  Each of them gave me creative assignments, tasks, and lessons.  This workshop is a condensed version of that journey (though it's not over and I have much more work to do.)


For each of these five Shadow Goddesses, I will share a musical meditation, a poetic story, and a mini ritual to deepen your connection with Them.  During each ritual, you will be given a treasure that represents that goddess and the lesson of the ritual.  

All genders are welcome to attend!

Shadow Goddess.jpg
Schedule TBD
Vision Darkness

Vision, second sight, the evil eye, and blindness in Norse folklore

Sight is one of the primary senses, and the Norse had quite a body of folklore surrounding it. How did one get second sight (and what would they see?), how was the evil eye dealt with, what happened when someone lost the use of one or both eyes, and what healing techniques were used to save or enhance vision?

Schedule TBD
Norse sight.jpg
Norse Sight

Witches and Wise Ones in Pagan and Christian Norse lore

Back in the old days, certain folks who had special Talents were healers, veterinarians, counselors, luck bringers, soothsayers, and lots more. They had a special position in society, and were cherished for their abilities. During and after Conversion to Christianity, a different outlook became evident, and those deemed to be “witches” were singled out for punishment. How did some escape that fate, and what became the role of the Wise?

Schedule TBD
Witches Wise Ones

Supernatural sight in animals in Norse folklore

Cats could see the unseen, it was widely believed. Horses and cattle had similar talents, and a number of birds and beasts were considered to be able to see Death approaching. How did humans detect what the animals saw and when they saw it, and how did they use it or deal with it?

Supernatural sight.jpg
Schedule TBD
Supenatural Sight
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