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Event Theme

Each year we create an integral experience around a central theme, and all our workshops, rituals, activities, and even performances are designed to come together for an unforgettable journey.

Theme Details

It's been a long four years since last we came together in the park that has become so sacred to many of us.  The world has changed.  We have changed.  So much that what we once assumed would always be is now gone from our lives, and things that we never thought would come to pass are commonplace. 

Through all of that, so many of us have looked forward to the time when we could gather together again, to share stories and meals and song and ritual, because having that in our future provided us with an anchor, a thought that what once was

could eventually be again. 

Come join us for the reunion and catharsis that is Fertile Ground Gathering 2023.  Because we will be there.  Come Hell or high water, we will be there.

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