Early registration for Fertile Ground Gathering 2020 is now open! 
We welcome you to register at 2019 prices from now until the end of the year!  Click here to go to our new and improved registration page, and take advantage of our lowest prices today!
We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and join our Facebook Group to get the latest information about what's happening behind the scenes as we begin to prepare for our 13th year!
We look forward to celebrating Beltane with  again in 2020!

Fertile Ground Gathering is an annual Beltane festival celebrating since 2008, and takes place at one of the historic cabin campgrounds at Prince William Forest Park, in Triangle, VA.


Our volunteer team puts together a rich, powerful, rejuvenating celebration that has become a much anticipated annual retreat for many in the region and beyond.


Each year we create an integral experience around a central theme, and all our workshops, rituals, activities, and even performances are designed to come together to bring the Vision to life.


We are excited to do it again every year, and we always look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at Beltane!


Prince William Forest Park

Triangle, Virginia
April 30 - May 3, 2020*

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Pagan Pride Days!

We will be setting up at Pagan Pride Days throughout the region, and we'd love to see you!

Join us in:

Philadelphia, PA - August 31

Frederick, MD - Sept. 14
Northern Virginia - Sept. 28

Visit our Facebook page to learn more!

New Payment Plan!

We are happy to announce our new Payment Plan Option to help you take advantage of smaller monthly payments at 2019 prices!  Visit our registration page to learn more and register today!

Our 2020 Dates

*The dates we've listed are the projected dates for Fertile Ground Gathering: Vision 2020, and will be confirmed 
by park authorities in January 2020. 

We will be requesting these dates as soon as the park's application period begins on October 1, 2019, and once we have been given confirmation, we will share that information here as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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