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Dangerous Items


  • Knives - The park rangers likely aren't all that keen on enormous knives.

  • Swords - No, you can't claim it's just a really big pocket knife.

  • Athames - Unless it's made of wood, see above re: "Enormous Knives" vis-a-vis "park rangers, keenness thereof".

  • Siege Weaponry - You laugh. But then you find out that someone brought a working, nine-foot-tall trebuchet to a prior event at ShadowGrove. See? We have these rules for a reason.

  • Chainsaws - Yes, that's right.  It's best not to ask.   ​


Dangerous or Prohibited Substances


  • Alcoholic Beverages - These are prohibited by the National Park Service at this site.

  • Illegal Drugs - If there is a faster way to meet Mister Federal Law Enforcement Ranger, we can't think of one. Please don't wreck everyone's weekend for a fix.


Animals and Other Heating Devices


  • Space heaters - Prohibited in all cabins; the electrical wiring is not designed to handle them, and will black out the entire campsite. That would be bad.

  • Electric Blankets - Prohibited for the same reason space heaters are. See above re: "That would be bad."

  • Hair Dryers - Again, the power in the cabins just can't handle them. You may plug them in in the restroom buildings only!

  • Curling Irons - Like hair dryers, may only be plugged in in the restroom buildings. And really. This is an outdoor festival, in the middle of a forest. How curled does hair need to be, in the woods?

  • Companion Animals - Yes, these can be useful in keeping a bed warm (and, in some cases, completely impossible to fit into). But animals of all types, except certified service animals, are prohibited by park regulations.


Dangerous Attitudes


  • Prejudice - There may be people from many paths at Fertile Ground Gathering, including Druids, Wiccans, Heathens, Romans, and Christians. There will be coveners and solitaries. There will be people of all sorts of different colors, ages, races, heights, weights, orientations, political affiliations, and peccadilloes. Regardless of what you think of a particular group, please be respectful of those who are a part of it.

  • Strife - This is a festival about fostering unity. Bringing an outside quarrel into it is not only rude and unseemly, it's counter-productive.

What not to Bring

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