2019 Workshop Presenters


Rath has been called a witch by witches, a heathen by heathens, and a druid by druids.  Rath is the High Priest of the Coven of the Black Vulture and Ordained within the Church of the Knotted Ash. He has taught and led public rituals variously within the Northern Virginia pagan community for the past 8 years: Fertile Ground Gathering, Shenandoah Midsummer, Moonfire CUUPS, Sacred Circle Bookshop, Firefly Homecoming, Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day, Northern Virginia Pagan Moot, and Hallowed Homecoming Samhain Retreat. He also continues to teach in small group settings.


Irene Glasse

Irene Glasse is a Mystic Witch based in Western Maryland. She offers readings, healings, pastoral counseling services, magickal and ritual work, guided study and more both in person and remotely. You can learn more about Irene by visiting her website at http://www.glassewitchcottage.com/



Tchipakkan is an artist, writer, healer, soothsayer, pagan/ heathen/ rustic. I am openly pagan, have been for 50 years; few seem to mind. I have a small farm in southern NH, which I share with 3 adult children, and a dwindling assortment of animals (We’ve had sheep, goats, rabbits, chicken, ducks, geese,& peafowl, but milking twice a day goes badly with traveling to teach)… and cats of course. Jane Sibley and I started the conference Changing Times-Changing Worlds, and I hosted the radio show The New Normal. I have published Divine Cookies, and the Heathen Cookie cookbook, as well other booklets, and articles. I also paint portraits and bookcovers, and sculpt images for altars. I teach RuneValdr, Reiki, Huna healing, herbalism, and soothsaying with runes, palmistry, tarot, numerology, and study more. Forty plus years in the Society for Creative Anachronism has given many friends, historically oriented skills, and more knowledge of early Anglo-Saxon culture than is conceivably useful. I compulsively teach useful skills from cooking, sewing, and herb use, to divination, majick, folklore.


Jane Sibley

Jane T. Sibley, Ph.D., is a traditional Norse practitioner and a specialist in Norse folklore and runes. She has taught at many Pagan events for decades, including at Rites of Spring, Feast of Lights, Twilight Covening, CWPN's Beltane, Ecumenicon... the list goes on... and also hosts MithraCon, which focuses on Mithraism and other cults in the Roman Empire.


Her books, “Norse Mythology...According to Uncle Einar”, “The Hammer of the Smith”, “The Divine Thunderbolt: Missile of the Gods”, "A Different Dragon" and her newest one, "The Way of the Wise: Traditional Norwegian Folk and Magic Medicine" will be available for sale in the Feast Hall.

Jane will be offering a variety of Rune readings at the Gathering.  Check out our Shop to learn more, and to schedule a reading with her!


Jacob Hackney

I believe very strongly that we all live with some degree of pain. Whether that comes in the form of body pain, medical conditions, or the stress caused by our daily grind, everyone could use a moment. For some, it could be bodywork. For others, it may take subtle energy techniques like Reiki or Shamanic healing. Some yet may take a combination of things ranging from guided meditation to learning a new way of interfacing with their lives.


I am a registered massage practitioner (RMP) for the state of Maryland with over seven-hundred hours of education (and counting) in the field. Beyond that, I have seven years of experience in the holistic arts of energy and sound healing. Lastly, I have been walking the path of a Shaman for an equal amount of time and am at a place in my life where I feel it is time to share the things I have learned with others. I believe strongly in what I do and look forward to helping my clients find their moment as well.


Jenna Greene

About Your Host for the Eisteddfod:


Jenna Greene is a singer-songwriter-harpist and healer, inspired by following her bliss, nature mythology and the magic hidden in plain sight.  She is passionate about teaching people how to use faerie lore as a healing, empowering force.  A life-long student of holistic studies, Jenna is a Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist.  She actively pursues the latest scientific findings on such subjects as Positive Psychology and Sound Healing.  She is celebrating the release of her fifth album, Wings, a collection of songs about transformation and hope.  She is currently working on a book entitled Wild Faerie Soul, which takes the reader on a journey through Faerie to inspire self-love, healing, creativity and positive action. 

When Jenna is not performing, she teaches workshops on the healing powers of music and myth. 

We are delighted to have her join us as our Eisteddfodh host this year!

Jenna will be offering a variety of sound healing services at the Gathering.  Check out our Shop to learn more, and to book a session with her!


Mark Cogan

Mark Cogan is an energy healer, with over 20 years experience practicing Reiki, trained by Master Raven Alder (who was trained by Master Virgina Everland). Mark also uses crystals to augment healing practices. He recently co-authored and published “The Promethean Oracle” with Sophia Kelly-Shultz. He resides in Brandywine, Maryland with his cat, Cinderella. Mark is also a part time Twitch streamer at https://www.twitch.tv/arcturussadiablo .

Sophia Kelly Schultz

Author of The Stone Circle Oracle and co-author of The Promethean Oracle, Sophia Kelly Shultz has been working as a freelance artist and writer for over 30 years. For the past 13 years she has been focusing on spiritual art, beginning with perhaps her best known painting, Hollie's Green Man. 


Sophia has also been a ritual planner, prop constructor, and costumer, specializing in body masks. She lives in Pottsville PA with her husband, two aging and slightly neurotic English Springer Spaniels, and one very small, very bad cat.


Thomas Capshew

Thomas Capshew, Ph.D. works in the field of human potential. He supports the growth and expansion of individual and collective human consciousness. Some of his primary tools include psychotherapy, meditation, energy work, hypnosis, science, shamanic practices and spiritual mentoring. This workshop is based on material from his upcoming second book, Consciousness Rising. For a free meditation download and more information, please visit https://thomascapshew.com/free-choose-love-meditation/

Cael Jacobs

Cael was born and raised in the Northern Virginia area.  He took an interest in spiritual subjects early in high school, and his explorations led him from agnosticism, into evangelical Christianity, through an eventual crisis of faith, to where he is now: an animist, an elementalist, and an energy worker.

He is an author, a teacher, a storyteller, one of the co-founders of ShadowGrove, and Speaker for the ShadowGrove Tradition.

His illustrated collection of pagan origin myths and short stories, Tales from the Wilder Forest, was published in April 2014, and his book on meditative practice, Living a Life In Balance, was published in February 2015.  His writings have also appeared in Circle Magazine, Thought Notebook, and Corvus Review.

He has been a teacher and ritual leader at Fertile Ground Gathering since its inception in May 2008.


Katie LaFond

Katie LaFond follows an Earth-based spirituality. A fiber artist, “garbologist,” orchestral flutist, homesteader, Mommy, and astrologer, Katie is passionate about local food. Katie has led a variety of clans at EarthSpirit’s Twilight Covening, taught workshops in a variety of pagan disciplines across the U.S. and led ritual both public and private. She is a music teacher and member of MotherTongue, and lives in the hilltowns of Western MA with her family, bees, cat, dog, & way too much yarn.


Christopher LaFond

Christopher LaFond is a Master Astrologer in the Society of Astrologers, and works, teaches, and lectures throughout the Eastern USA. He has lectured at local, national and international astrology conventions. Chris specializes in classical and medieval astrological method of prediction and is available for private readings and for private or group classes at all levels. Chris is also a linguist, beekeeper, and musician who performs mainly on the Celtic Harp. In 2009 his group the Pilgrim Celtic Harp Trio released their latest CD “Garden Concert." http://lafond.us 

Chris will be offering a variety of Astrological readings at the Gathering.  Check out our Shop to learn more, and to schedule a reading with him!


Eclipse has been actively on the path for more than 15 years. Yoga, ritual, energy work, and meditation have been a part of her life almost from the beginning. Over that time, she has studied and taught on a variety of topics and paths including yoga, ritual, magic, Reiki, remote viewing, and the like. She maintains a daily practice to help her keep her energetic body clear of obstructions and maintain a centered life. More recently her focus has been in the physical aspects of yoga through 200-hour yoga teacher training with Cathy Valentine and Live Out Loud Yoga. She sees yoga as a method of helping others create balance in the mind, body, and spirit through a physical practice, which increases flexibility, stamina, mental focus, and strength.

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