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The Commons

We invite you to apply for one of several available spaces in The Commons.  This is an opportunity for you and/or your group to give back to the community by sharing a beloved part of your knowledge, practice, craft, or whatever makes you truly unique.  

In The Commons, you may like to set up a pop-up tent or booth to offer services such as henna, tarot readings or other types of divination, or face painting, just to name a few.  Or you might like to offer group information, discussions, arts and crafts demonstrations, book signings, or other activities! Your participation in The Commons helps to enrich not only the Gathering itself, but the Pagan community at large.  We delight in seeing the community thrive through the goings-on in The Commons, and we look forward to hearing how you would like to contribute!


 It costs nothing to apply with your or your group’s booth concept, and there is no fee to reserve the space once approved. We look forward to seeing how The Commons continues to grow each year!

* Other terms and conditions apply.

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