While vending is not permitted on site, we do offer some products and services that you can purchase
through pre-payment.  
Below are the products and services available during Fertile Ground Gathering 2019.  As we confirm more products and services, we will add them here.  If you are interested in adding to the offering available, please complete the Commons Application form, and submit it to us no later than April 21, 2019

Rune Readings

Jane Sibley, a specialist in Norse mythology, folklore, and runes, will be offering Runestick and

Swedish Card readings.  


Below are the three options available to you.  Click on each title to learn more about the readings.


Astrological Readings

Christopher LaFond is a Master Astrologer in the Society of Astrologers, and works, teaches, and lectures throughout the Eastern USA. He has lectured at local, national and international astrology conventions. Chris specializes in classical and medieval astrological methods of prediction and is offering the following reading options at the Gathering.


Sound Healing Sessions

Musician and Holistic Healer Jenna Greene will be offering several types of personalized sound healings.  She combines myth, music, and positive psychology to create an empowering force.  Ethereal vibrations will soothe you - body, mind and spirit - and help you to find the magic within.  

Prices are listed in the details for each service, and are suggested donations to help Jenna with travel costs from Boston and to help her keep touring.  You can send the money to her via PayPal to, or use the donation button here. 

Please be sure to add your name and which service you’d like to the notes section of your donation.