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Sunday May 5

7:00AM - 8:00AM

Craft Lodge C

Morning yoga is an opportunity to re-calibrate our whole selves as we transition from night to day. This gentle class will awaken our bodies, our minds, and our spirits with a bit of movement, breathwork, and meditation. Like the sunrise that transitions our days from darkness to light, the class will transition our minds, muscles, and joints from the cold, stiff slumber of night and reawaken and warm them in preparation for the adventures that Fertile Ground Gathering offers. Bring your yoga mat and a strap or belt and join in taking your body from sleepy to energized and ready for the day. All levels welcome.

Morning Announcements


Feast Hall


8:00 - 9:30AM

Feast Hall

11:00AM - 12:00PM

Feast Hall

Over the course of days, we have journeyed together in safe and sacred space, each of us following his or her own path, because even though we often walk beside one another, and even though we often walk in the same direction, the thread of each person's existence is his or hers alone.


But we are not alone; the threads of each person's life intertwine to form the tapestry that is our community.

Join us in the Feast Hall on the morning of Sunday, May 5, as we weave together the tapestry that is us: the image of a community of people who come together year upon year to learn and share and grow among others like and unlike ourselves.


12:15PM -  1:30PM

Feast Hall
Community Clean Up

2:00PM -  3:00PM

Entire Campsite
Fertile Ground Gathering Closes



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