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  • If there are small children nearby, you may wish to consider the language you use. Many parents would prefer that some types of language not be used around their young ones.


  • If the majority of the folks in your cabin are ready to go to bed, please keep your voices down or move to one of the common areas. If you are the only one who is ready for sleep, don't expect everyone else to be quiet!


  • If there is an altar in your cabin or cabin cluster, please respect it. Do not set empty drink cans or cups on the altar. Never touch others' magical tools (wands, amulets, chalices, etc.) without their permission.


  • If you are invited to visit in a cabin, please do not assume this gives you license to go into their cooler or food supply.


  • Don't enter a cabin without permission!


  • Bring appropriate clothing/bedding for the weekend. Remember to bring cold and wet weather gear. Around here, the weather can be very unpredictable during this time of year.


  • Children are very welcome at Fertile Ground, but please make sure they are cared for. Do not assume that other folks will be willing to watch your children. Explain to your children that they must be with you at all times. Make sure they are aware of the location of the Feast Hall in case of an emergency.  There will almost always be someone there either on the porch at Registration, or in the kitchen.


  • Staff members will be wearing special-colored wristbands during the day and glow sticks after dark (Red for medical staff, Blue for safety staff, and Green for all other staff members). In addition, all staff members will be wearing badges clearly indicating their status. If you need assistance or find someone who else who does, please locate one of us so that we can assist you or them as needed. All staff members will have radios, so they can contact other members of the team if necessary.


  • Clean up after yourself after meals; please don't leave your dishes and so forth on the tables and expect someone else to pick them up for you. Even if your mother is here, she probably doesn't want to have to clean up after you.


  • Clean up after yourself at the showers and bathrooms, too. Please remember that others will be using these facilities, too and that courtesy goes a long way.


  • Smokers must field-strip their cigarette butts if no designated ash-can is available. Throwing butts on the ground is not only a fire hazard; it's disrespectful to the park staff, as well as the Earth itself.


  • Please pick up any stray trash you find lying on the ground. If you attend the Drum Circle, please do not leave your empty drink containers or trash behind. Pick them up and dispose of them properly when you leave the area each day.

  • Please do not drink the water designated for extinguishing fire in the bon fire circle area.

  • Treat each other and the park with respect, and likewise respect all those paths that have led people to the Gathering.


  • Bring a positive attitude.


  • Be responsible for the energy you bring into the space.


  • For more thoughts on festival etiquette, visit Patti Wigington's excellent page on the subject.

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