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Helpful Information

Over the years, we've learned a few things about how to best prepare to attend the Gathering. Whether you're attending for the first time, or have been coming every year since the beginning, it's always good to have as much help as possible to make sure you're ready for anything while celebrating Beltane with us. 

Below are the ideas and suggestions we've collected that we think you might find helpful as you get your things packed up this year.

Travel Tips


  • Make sure you check the traffic patterns for your travel dates so you know what routes to avoid.

  • Check the weather forecast so you know what sorts of things to pack.

  • When nearing the site, keep an eye out for oncoming traffic on Joplin Road.  There is a hill that obscures the view of cars coming from the other direction, so turn with caution.  

  • Our main parking lot is intended for day pass guests so they can come and go throughout the weekend.  There is an auxiliary parking lot for those staying for the entire event.  There will be a shuttle available to get you to and from the park.  


When You Arrive Onsite


  • Alcoholic Beverages - These are prohibited by the National Park Service at this site.

  • Illegal Drugs - If there is a faster way to meet Mister Federal Law Enforcement Ranger, we can't think of one. Please don't wreck everyone's weekend for a fix.


Your Belongings


  • Space heaters - Prohibited in all cabins; the electrical wiring is not designed to handle them, and will black out the entire campsite. That would be bad.

  • Electric Blankets - Prohibited for the same reason space heaters are. See above re: "That would be bad."

  • Hair Dryers - Again, the power in the cabins just can't handle them. You may plug them in in the restroom buildings only!

  • Curling Irons - Like hair dryers, may only be plugged in in the restroom buildings. And really. This is an outdoor festival, in the middle of a forest. How curled does hair need to be, in the woods?

  • Companion Animals - Yes, these can be useful in keeping a bed warm (and, in some cases, completely impossible to fit into). But animals of all types, except certified service animals, are prohibited by park regulations.


Your Conduct


  • Prejudice - There may be people from many paths at Fertile Ground Gathering, including Druids, Wiccans, Heathens, Romans, and Christians. There will be coveners and solitaries. There will be people of all sorts of different colors, ages, races, heights, weights, orientations, political affiliations, and peccadilloes. Regardless of what you think of a particular group, please be respectful of those who are a part of it.

  • Strife - This is a festival about fostering unity. Bringing an outside quarrel into it is not only rude and unseemly, it's counter-productive.

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